Über uns - Dr. Hasan Andac Güler & Mathias Hofmann
We are a strong team of SAP experts with emphasis on the conceptual design and realization of state of the art controlling processes. Our work is characterized by high quality standards, a strong identification with the task at hand and a passion for complex projects.  

With the help of our in-depth expertise in the field of controlling, we design and realize sophisticated, practice-oriented concepts for medium-sized and large companies and deliver convincing results.  

We value partnership-based cooperation at eye level and are happy to go the extra mile for our clients in order to ensure pinpoint success.


SAP Consulting Experience


Successfully completed projects




Experience in controlling

Full-Cycle Transformation



We are faced with countless decisions in our daily work. It is important to us to make our decisions in line with our defined set of values. We see our set of values as a unique selling point that enables us to earn the trust of our customers with a comprehensible, customer-centered approach, thereby ensuring the success of our business activities.


Customer FIrst

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. We are convinced that a customer-centered approach is a win-win factor for both — the customer and for us.



We work according to the "all or nothing" principle, as this is the only way we can provide you with sustainable support and thus safeguard our reputation. For this reason, we only accept consultancy mandates if we can provide the relevant experience and sufficient capacity in the subject area.


Continuous Development

Technologies and concepts evolve over the time. And so do our solutions. We are not done once we found a solution for a problem. Instead, we seek continuously for better ways to solve issues such that you are always advised with the best possible solutions.



We stand by our word and honor our contracts and commitments. This is the only way to maintain strong partnerships in the long term: with trust and respect.


Dr. Hasan Andaç Güler

Join us and become part of an
expert team in Controlling.

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