Konzeption & Realisierung

Conceptual design and realization
from a single source

Together with you, we create customized and implementable concepts for mapping future-proof controlling & finance processes. We provide a unique skillset that we developed over the year and which helps you to design and realize your Controlling requirements without frictional losses between different service providers.

This not only saves you a lot of time and money, but also significantly improves the quality of realization.

Our expertise in
process and IT consulting - Controlling & Finance

End-to-end processes

Our trademark is a consistent end-to-end orientation in process consulting as well as in realization. Only those who think in in an integrated, cross-functional way will realize sustainable leverage in the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. We have a broad range of experience in processes across various industries. We do not think in silos, but rather link dependencies between company divisions in order to realize a holistic overall picture. Our own end-to-end process model combines best practices with specific industry experience, for example from mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, serial manufacturing and many more industries. This saves you a lot of time in process design and allows you to realize your transformation in an orderly manner with a proven structure.

Overhead Controlling

Overhead Controlling includes planned and actual value flows in cost center accounting, with (internal) orders and also in the area of activity-based costing. We are very familiar with the changes to overhead cost controlling in S/4HANA and work with you to design the new target processes with a critical business and IT assessment of existing processes and allocations. Naturally, we realize your target processes competently, from order types to actual rate determination. Our value flow template also enables you to define integrative value flows, taking into account the taking into account the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Profitability Analysis, Profit Center Accounting as well as the Cash perspective which interact even closer with each other in S/4HANA (Universal Journal).

Product Cost and Project Controlling

We are very familiar with the different, industry-dependent forms of manufacturing and the dependencies on product costing unit accounting, be it make to stock, make to order, configure to order, engineer to order or even the service business. This enables us to support you in the conceptual design of processes in repetitive manufacturing mass production through to customer individual engineering and manufacturing in plant engineering. We realize the necessary customizing according to our jointly defined requirements, from the costing variant to the results analysis.
Of course, we are also familiar with parallel valuation (group and profit center valuation) and actual costing in the material ledger and can advise you based on our experience from various previous projects.

Profitability Analysis

We work with you to define your detailed requirements for profitability analysis and ensure that the information you need is provided from the value flows. We are familiar with both the costing-based and the account-based form of Profitability Analysis (Margin Analysis) and are competent in realizing the necessary customizing. In almost every project, it is necessary to include custom characteristics and derivation rules in the data model. We are well versed in dealing with such requirements and their realization. We can also build your target reports directly in Fiori or SAP Analysis for Office. We can also help you in other reporting environments with competent experts from our international network of consultants.

Profit Center Accounting

Profit Center Accounting is used to determine the profitability of your organizational units, e.g. divisions or regions. By assigning several profit centers to segments, it is possible to map segment reporting in accordance with IFRS 8. We simplify your processes for managing your organizational units with the help of the new, simplified profit center calculation in SAP S/4HANA. Of course, we are also familiar with setting up transfer price concepts as part of profit center accounting (in combination with setting up profit center valuation in the material ledger).

Chart of Accounts

The design of a chart of accounts is not purely an FI issue, especially not in the SAP S/4HANA environment, where cost elements and accounts merge. A large number of customizing-relevant accounts are defined here in CO (e.g. MM account determination, results analysis). As experts in Controlling & Finance, we help you to design your chart of accounts with the future in mind and to master the leap from ECC to S/4HANA with confidence.

Benefit now from our
extensive expertise and realization skills.

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